Antonio Vivaldi
1678 to 1741
image of Vivaldi

His life
Vivaldi was an Italian Baroque composer who was also ordained as a priest and, because of his red hair, was given the nickname, "the red priest".

Vivaldi specialized in writing concertos to show off the musical talents of the young girls who lived in a Venice orphanage. Lesser known today, but also important at the time, were the many operas he composed for various Italian communities outside of Venice.

Sadly, after all the successes he had with music most of his life, he died poor and forgotten in Vienna.

His Works
Vivaldi's best known music is a set of four violin concertos called The Four Seasons. Other than his concertos, he is also well known for his Gloria.

You can download this music by Vivaldi:
AudioAudio of
Spring, from The Four Seasons
arranged for Level Two
Autumn, from The Four Seasons
arranged for Level Four
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