To learn to read music...

Watch the video tutorials on the First Pieces page for "Hot Cross Buns," "Jingle Bells (short version)" and "Camptown Races"


Follow these instructions:
  1. Put your fingers on the keyboard according to the chart on the right. For the First Pieces page, your fingers should not move from this position. Play pieces on this page with the help of the finger numbers next to the notes.
  2. Memorize the letters for the keys on the keyboard and for the notes on the sheet music with the help of these virtual flash cards:
       The First Pieces Keyboard
       The First Pieces Staff
       First Pieces Keyboard and Staff
    You can download these flashcards to your iPhone or iPod Touch when you buy the iFlipr app: In iFlipr search for "Deben First Pieces", download the decks and practice on the bus, on the beach or on the plane--anywhere you take your iPhone or iPod Touch!
  3. Do the first three chapters of these Music Theory Workbooks.